Celebrating 15 Years of Photography

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman’s life.  There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman, radiant and glowing with the feeling of wonder and anticipation of the new life growing within.  It is always a pleasure to capture this memorable time and with its natural light, my studio is the perfect venue for this special and private occasion for women and couples. Or perhaps you would like an outdoor session, beautifully photographed in one of Townsville’s gorgeous parks or beaches.  I also offer great Bump to baby collections when combining sessions.

Every parent will tell you just how quickly your new baby will grow in those first couple of weeks, so it is essential that we capture memories of this beautiful time that will last a lifetime as quickly as we can, ideally when your baby is between 5 and 14 days old. Little Details will help you capture and keep the wonderful memories of tiny fingers and toes and peaceful little faces as they sleep.  My aim is to have you and your newborn feeling completely relaxed so that you can both enjoy every moment of your session without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

We are all busy. Family life is running from one sporting event to another. I know exactly how you feel, I am a parent too. I beg you, not to miss out on these precious years.  Capture the ‘now’ and keep it forever. Family sessions are all about connecting with each other, I just happen to be there helping you capture the afternoon adventure. Outdoor sessions work best for families, when it is cooler and more enjoyable.  Townsville’s beautiful sunsets, rural locations and beaches are perfect for family sessions. If you have a favourite location in mind that’s awesome! Once you have had a good look over my galleries and information please feel free to use the contact button.

Our Business Head Shots are all about capturing YOU! The sessions can be tailored to be more relaxed, or more corporate – whichever suits your needs, vision, or profession. The sessions are held in the studio using natural lighting  to capture beautiful, powerful imagery. The session can also be captured at your workplace in your own environment. Our Business Head Shots include Professional Hair & Makeup which elevates your imagery and takes it to the next level. Contact Ange today to book your sessions.

Chubby cheeks, large eyes fringed with gorgeous lashes, cheeky, dimpled smiles, rolling, standing, crawling and toddling. Oh so much personality and independence, a reflection of you, yet very individual.  This is such a beautiful and exciting time for you and your baby and Little Details knows just how to capture the essence of your baby as they discover the world.  Because babies have a short attention span and tire easily, I work to create a calm and tranquil environment so that your baby will feel free to show his or her most beautiful and expressive side.

Childhood is all about growth, energy, exploration and above all…fun! Children’s portraiture is best captured when the mood is relaxed and free-flowing. Let them express who they are they are book worms, or love batman do they love to dress up as a fairy. My philosophy is to just go with the flow and create an environment where your child can express themselves freely and allow the true essence of their character to shine through – the results will surprise you!

How quickly time has flown. The new baby you held so close to you is now a teenager, an adult in training with all their independence and inner beauty shining through and almost ready to step out and make their way in the world.  This is an exciting and character-defining time, so capture this time and make this memory last forever.  Teenager photography is best captured when the subject feels relaxed and unconstrained by a pose.  These free-flowing sessions work well outside amid Townsville’s beautiful scenery.